Memorial Park Projects: Memorial Park Community Center

Memorial Park Community Center Goal: To create a self-sustaining multipurpose activity center with a lasting self-enrichment Programs Stay at Home Moms/Homeschoolers (8am-12pm) Fitness Classes Dance Tumbling Gymnastics Martial Arts Senior Programs (12pm-4pm) Yoga Fitness Classes Dance Self Defense After School Clubs (4pm-9pm) Gymnastics Tumbling Cheerleading Dance Martial Arts (Taekwondo, Karate, Judo etc.) Wrestling Boxing MMARead more

Memorial Park NA Projects: Hood to CEO

Hood to CEO The concept of “Hood to CEO” is to teach young kids and young entrepreneurs growing up in poverty, being exposed to certain lifestyles and situations are not a disadvantage but a benefit. In recent conversations at Ivy League institutions, they have spoken about how corporate structure, product distribution, sales ability, charisma, andRead more