Memorial Park NA Projects: Hood to CEO

Hood to CEO

The concept of “Hood to CEO” is to teach young kids and young entrepreneurs growing up in poverty, being exposed to certain lifestyles and situations are not a disadvantage but a benefit. In recent conversations at Ivy League institutions, they have spoken about how corporate structure, product distribution, sales ability, charisma, and the value of loyalty are required curriculum in their MBA/graduate programs. In turn people from disadvantaged neighborhoods learn these key business essentials as a way of life and if the youth from these neighborhoods were guided away from a life of crime to a life of entrepreneurism, they would have an education equal in value to any Ivy League graduate.

Our goal is a two-part system:

1.) A business resource center to help with the start up cost of starting and running a small business. This would house some of the essential start up requirements as mailboxes with a street address, computers, copiers, etc.

2.) A mentorship program pairing small startup business owners with a prime contractor who can help guide them through the startup process. For Example: Registering with Sunbiz, how to acquire a business license, insurance needs and procedure, SBE requirements and help through the approval process.

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